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"The staff have said they're going to keep you in overnight in case you have concussion." "Are you going to stop me from hanging around with Paul because of this? " mom said as her orgasm hit, her face contorting in agony as her body convulsed and twitched and her back arched.

" I asked knowing mom was upset about what had happened. The headboard smacked loudly as mom then shouted "Jesus!

Having an empty bladder wasn't my only relief as I knew only too well that mom was on her way and it would've been almost unbearable for me to let mom to see me like this. "Good, I don't want you cummin yet" mom asked virtually struggling to talk through her breathlessness as she then groaned.

Mom was already there at 8 o'clock when he came round, and after a quick once over I was given the all clear to go.

Dad then brought some light hearted relief to the proceedings though when as he exited the room and took the piss out of me because of the day's events and even started shouting like the Japanese Kamikaze pilots used to in WWII laughing out loud as he left the room to go home with mom and Diane and Claire. After waking up the next day and having breakfast with the help of a nurse, who was a stern looking woman of around 45 years of age I found out that the doctor was going to give me checkup to see if I was well enough to go home.

" Well of course being just 17 years old I completely ignored what he said, what the hell does dad know.

Let's face it at that age you just do things and to hell with the consequences and that was the case when on a Tuesday summer evening after school on some open ground my friend Paul and his brother were riding around on their bike or as us locals called them 'chicken-chasers'.

I always remembered my dad once talking about motorbikes with the family in the front room of the house, debating how the great Barry Sheen was a rare breed after he'd come off his bike again braking his legs, and how they were death traps.

"Bloody dangerous if you ask me," dad said, "if you come of one of them you've got no metal between you and the road unlike a car." Watching the news report of Bazza being hauled into the back of the ambulance dad continued, "And it's even worse for the person on the back! " I asked bemused, "cos they always come off second best that's why, the ones riding pillion always get hurt more than the rider, if ever anyone, even one of ya' mates ask ya to go on the back of their bikes stay off you're safer that way son!


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