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I received it some weeks ago compliments of my cousin Billy O'Connell.

Some interesting stories and photos as usual, great reading for all the exiles and any connected with the area. It will be 47 years ago the end of this month (January) that I flew out from Shannon on my way to New York and to New Jersey.

Or does anyone know of an alternative Dillon family with parents Michael and Margaret and son Daniel? Kind regards Clive Gilbert in Kent, England [email protected]/09/2013 Hi, I'm looking for information about my grandfathers family.

I am tracing the family history and am looking for information on when and under what circumstances the Sullivans came to Lyreacrompane or if anyone knows where they lived before that. Kind regards, Sarah O'Sullivan email: [email protected] everyone! I'm looking to see if anyone has any stories info or photos of my family members, Preferably the older generations my grandparents and older or even my dad Peter O'Mahony. My Grandparents - Mary (Molly) O'Mahony (nee Regan) and Florence O'Mahony.

Nice to be here, was delighted to see such a page on the internet! My Granparents children, - Mickey/Micheal O'Mahony (Died in a car crash in tralee 1970/80's) - Tom/Thomas O'Mahony (Passed away in 2002) Married to Helena O'Connor (Maugha).

My grandfather was Bob (Robert) Sullivan from Lyreacrompane.

Bob was a well known ploughman and was mentioned in the poem "Mc Carthys Cuckoo Clock" and in another poem called "Sullivan The Ploughman".


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