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Klaus followed his sister's advice and declared his feelings to Cami outside on the balcony.

Their fight resulted in Cami stealing the white oak horse which belonged to Hope to force Klaus into handing over 'her dark objects'.In Tangled Up In Blue, their relationship changed slightly, as he was seen being protective of her. He then compeled her to remember the good time she had with Marcel at the ball.For example, he was not exactly pleased about her being Rebekah's distraction for Marcel during the charity event and compelled her in the end to make her forget about Marcel's lashing out. In Girl in New Orleans, Camille was told about the supernatural world by Klaus who compeled her not to be afraid and to only remember that he is a vampire only when he is around her.Klaus showed up at her apartment and she invited him in. She begged him to not compel her but he does since he believed she was letting the thought about what her brother had done consume her and promised to find out the truth about it.In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Klaus showed up at Rousseau's and told her the truth behind who made Sean do what he had done.When she got up to leave, Klaus brought her over to Marcel and he asked her out.


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