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This could also be a lot of work on her part because she would be a material witness and may have to be involved in any trial (should the case go to trial).

In addition, the state may not even decide to pursue this case based on their workload or their perceived probability of winning or the relative importance and/or ease of pursuing the case.

For example - there is the question of imminent danger or assault.

Clearly if someone points a gun at you in person you would be in imminent danger.

If someone did the same thing over a web chat where the gun was clearly not physically near you and therefore you weren't in any imminent danger, that is a different situation and I think it would be very unlikely for someone in that situation to be charged with assault, although perhaps a charge of making a threat could be upheld.

I think generally any statue relating to harassment or annoyance would depend on the behavior continuing. But further, and maybe more importantly, is what is likely to happen because of this?

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But of course there are differences (perhaps not in legality) if the aforementioned act was done in a public place (such as out on the sidewalk), done solely in a private residence, and if it was done digitally over the Internet.

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There's the question of whether this is illegal or not - of which there are plenty of opinions here already.


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