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As of Friday night, only 21 of the 42 planned shelters in Miami Dade County, which takes in a huge swathe of the city, had been announced.

On Saturday morning, Governor Rick Scott, who has been pleading with residents for days to leave evacuation zones before Irma hits, said: 'This is a catastrophic storm. The storm is bigger than our state.’In the largest evacuation effort in US history, millions of people in the Sunshine State and in parts of Georgia have been told to leave their home before Irma strikes on Sunday afternoon.In our restaurants, you can watch your food being cooked from start to finish.Because our kitchen is right in front, you can follow your food to your table.Our time-tested recipes have been handed down through the generations, from our handmade coleslaw to our English style cod.At Chicken Shack, we believe the small things we do make a big difference. John Sobeck had just served his country in WWII and he and his friend Andy were deciding where to live after the war.After years of success in the frozen custard business, the Sobeck’s then decided they wanted a more year round endeavor. The second he tasted the food he knew he could make something with this new technology.


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