Azdgdating iran and america

We should not fool ourselves about the timing of this legislation.

Next week, high-level talks between Iran and the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany (P5 1) will resume.

The resources wasted on the war exceeded what the entire Third World spent on public health in a decade.[1] The war began on September 22, 1980, when Iraqi troops launched a full-scale invasion of Iran.

Sadly, it has become non-controversial for Congress to call for US attacks on foreign countries that have neither attacked nor threatened the United States.

The Tower Commission, for example, stated that while it disagrees with the arms transfers, "a strategic opening to Iran may have been in the national interest."[70] And it should be made clear that a strategic opening does not simply mean beginning a dialogue with or acting civilly toward an former adversary; rather, it was part of a policy to prevent any comparable access for the Soviet Union. In 1984, because of Iranian battlefield victories and the growing U.

Thus, a CIA position paper in 1985 noted that whichever superpower got to Iran first would be "in a strong position to work towards the exclusion of the other."[71] Another CIA official wanted to achieve "a securing of Iran" so that it would again "have a relationship with the U. permission for these shipments was obtained (as required by U. S.-Iraqi ties, Washington launched "Operation Staunch," an effort to dry up Iran's sources of arms by pressuring U.

Whatever his complexes, Khomeini had no qualms about sending his followers, including young boys, off to their deaths for his greater glory. Iran had nationalized its British-owned oil company which had refused to share its astronomical profits with the host government.

This callous disregard for human life was no less characteristic of Saddam Hussein. oil consumption comes from the Persian Gulf, but, according to the official argument, Western Europe and Japan are extremely dependent on Persian Gulf oil and hence if the region fell into the hands of a hostile power, U. In response, Washington and London organized a boycott of Iranian oil which brought Iran's economy to the brink of collapse. to purchase more Iranian oil as a way to boost his revenues.


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