Is divine dating a scam

(All while not telling “Mom.”) “I played along with it,” said Lou, 87, who was curious to hear the scammer’s pitch.

That will help them remember your names and know your voices! The scammers said they were her grandson and he needed money because he was in trouble while on vacation in Mexico. She said it was a male asking for money for bail because of an accident. The email always has a different amount owed and the supposed case manager is always different. However they persist in emailing me 1-2 times every week saying the very same thing. , or watch our video about Online Romance Imposter Scams, and share the information. Con artiest will always try the sure and true ways of getting someones money.

When he got to the point about money I finally told him to call someone else because I wasn't his grandma and I wasn't going to send him any money. I know he was saying some unkind things about me since I had wasted so much of his time. Her grandchildren call her by the Italian name ofr grandma.

So when the caller said Grandma, she knew immediately something was up & let him know.

I too don't answer calls I or my phone doesn't recognize the number.

If it's important, the caller will leave a message.


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