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"Although I did accomplish a lot of the things I wanted to as an artist and songwriter during all the touring, talks shows and the awards as a member of Wilson Phillips, nothing compares to what I'm doing now.Nothing is more gratifying as a Christian believer than being able to thread my faith and love for Jesus into my music." To tackle that task, Phillips joined with Vaughan Penn—whose soundtrack credits include "Gray's Anatomy," "Boston Public," "The Hills," and tours with Emmylou Harris and Edwin Mc Cain—to form Chynna & Vaughan, the pair will release Even through personnel changes over the years, Avalon's contemporary pop sound has largely stayed the same.But these days, group veterans Janna and Greg Long, plus relatively newcomers Jeremi and Amy Richardson, are looking to an extreme sonic makeover with (releasing September 15).All Star United's Ian Eskelin (Krystal Meyers, Stellar Kart, Francesca Battistelli) steps up to the production plate with a much more aggressive approach.While promoting her new memoir, High On Arrival, on the Oprah Winfrey show, Mackenzie Phillips alleged that at 19 she was raped by her musician father and subsequently engaged in a 10-year incestuous yet consensual sexual relationship.Her sensational allegations have served to split the only showbiz family who are more dysfunctional than the Jacksons.He was an extraordinarily charismatic man, a brilliant musician with an innate talent for songwriting.He was also an incorrigible rebel, plagued by a fatalism that threatened to engulf all those closest to him; a man who delighted in living dangerously, even carrying on an affair with Mia Farrow under the nose of her then-husband Frank Sinatra.

"This is such an important time in my life," Phillips, a mother of three, said in a press release.As a gift to fans, the band is allowing anyone to download the disc for whatever price they'd like, or get it free after spreading the word to five friends by clicking here.Recent Tooth & Nail signee Ruth is finalizing The Covers EP for an August 25 release.By 1976, he and his third wife, the South African model and actress Genevieve Waite, were hopelessly addicted to cocaine and heroin.They had been taking the latter while sharing a house in London with Rolling Stones' guitarist Keith Richards and his then-partner Anita Pallenberg, both of whom were also at the height of their drug addictions following the death of their infant child, Tara.Sure, the vocal standpoint is consistent with the Avalon sound, but the rest is much more varied. Several other "uber-deluxe" options are posted on Gray's website, including the chance for a living room concert, a song personally written for a fan and even a guided tour from the singer/songwriter in Seoul, South Korea. The 33-year-old worship leader from Florida sealed the deal with bilingual performances of Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is" andthe church standard "I Surrender All," which complimented "The Greatest Inspirational Songs of All Time" theme.


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