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After a while he learns the pattern with you and behaves accordingly. It’s like he only really wants me when he thinks that being with me again is in serious jeopardy.

He’s so intense and full on then and showers me with attention.

’, he’s thinking ‘We’re hooking up…’ The biggest question that YYGs ask themselves is ‘Why does he keep coming back? That ¦and he’s the original Dog In a Manger ‘ He don’t want you but he doesn’t want you to move onto someone else who might actually want you and prevent him from being able to have the easy access that he currently has back into your life.

In order for Mr Unavailables to indulge in this boomerang behaviour, there has to be a facilitating YYG.

In your mind you think Much like with all interactions with Mr Unavailables, whilst they are very good at controlling the pace of things and what you get out of the relationship, you set the tone.

He can only get away with as much as you’re prepared to let him get away with.

For some, the holiday romance does not work out and they move on.

You respond when he makes contact with you – This sends the sign that even though you might be a little pissed off with him, you’re not so pissed off that you’re ignoring him, which he also reads as your potential interest in him.Whatever it is, it’s enough to galvanise him into making contact and you read this as his welcome return.They stick around till they’ve got their narcissistic fill or they suddenly realise that they don’t actually want to be anything more than they’ve ever been with you.In fact, Mr Unavailables would not be able to exist and continue with their behaviour if there weren’t Fallback Girls ready and waiting to co-manage this dysfunctional partnering.But as a YYG a particular problem presents itself because other Fallback Girls meet a Mr Unavailable, have the usual roll call of issues, break up, and move onto a new Mr Unavailable.just enough to ensure that should he choose to come back, you’ll let him back into your life. I cannot emphasise it enough that when he’s retreating it’s because he doesn’t want to be around so much that you might need or expect something, and he doesn’t want to be responsible.


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