Radgrid not updating after insert Free sex cams without paying with credit card

I have a rad Grid that uses a template in the for insertion and update of grid records.

I am using the popup style instead of the inline (but this is occurring with all types).

I simply had to remove the "Allow Automatic Updates" and "Allow Automatic Inserts" properties from the grid.

For some reason these were forcing it to stay open.

I use it in content area in a Sitefinity page with Modern Light theme.

This is strictly dedicated control, that uses particular data, so I don't know how to change it, to allow it to be used without additional context.

I have searched the web, these forums, and MSDN for the last 30 minutes with no real answer.

thanks Do you see any javacscript errors on the page? Data presentation control in another Data presentation control Hello, I want to make a menu with datalist or gridview control.

When I click edit or new, the edit form displays perfectly.

When I make my changes or additions and submit them, the grid updates as it should with the new record, all changes/additions are made perfectly except one detail - the edit form will not go away!

However, Command Arguments come from database to linkbutton.

Andwhen one of these command buttons is cliked it must go to proper page.


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