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Participants were also asked how long they have been player poker; the level of stakes they typically play at; the approximate number of hands they have played in their lifetimes; and whether they consider themselves a professional poker player.

The results suggest veteran players are, by nature, cool customers.

That’s the conclusion of a newly published study that examines the personality types of successful poker players.

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Kurganov has been dating British poker player Liv Boeree since 2014.The only woman to ever win the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Duke has many strings to her bow, though she has recently stayed away from live tournaments.She knows how to mix it with the best, having taken down the WSOP Tournament of Champions for m in 2004 against a star-studded field including her brother Howard Lederer.Participants filled out a detailed survey designed to assess their personality using the HEXACO model, which measures honesty/humility, emotionality, extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.The “emotionality” trait, which is labeled “neuroticism” in another well-known personality index, reflects one’s “tendency to experience fear, anxiety, and need of assurance.” The researchers note that it, and indeed all personality traits, “are known to be, to a large extent, stable over time,” meaning that it is unlikely they would be impacted by accumulating poker experience.Few female players have been as consistent as Rousso over the last decade.


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