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I was the coconut cake to the guys who had ghosted. I had to start thinking of “I want a relationship” as a quality on par with “I want kids.” When someone told me the latter, I didn’t immediately assume that we were going to have kids together.So why was I making assumptions based on someone’s declaration that they wanted a relationship? And must love double-chocolate fondant cake with a huge side of ice cream.Wasn’t it great that we were starting this partnership out on such an honest note? We’d have a few dates, share a few text messages, and eventually the thing would fizzle out completely. ” my mother would ask every time I told her about another guy who ghosted.When the man across from me would say those four magic words, that was it. I’d roll my eyes and screech into the phone that The fact that these men and I had been so open with one another, and had outwardly said that we both wanted relationships, would send me into a shame spiral.Please remember that this test isn't meant to diagnose you. Below are your test results, broken down for the ten different personality disorders.You are rated "low," "moderate," "high," or "very high" probability for each disorder.Sure, he wanted a relationship, he got along well with his family, and he made me laugh. He moved cities a lot, which is tough for a girl who loves to travel, but never plans to live anywhere outside the tri-state area.

But there was one qualification that didn’t exist on my list until a couple of years ago: wants a relationship. But the more I swiped, and the more jaded I became by the booty-callers of the world, the more I understood that those four words — “I want a relationship” — were incredibly important.

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Only a professional can diagnose a disorder, however.

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