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This story has some angst, some fear, and a whole lot of sizzling sex. The use of the term “channel” has been discussed by me (and others) before. The story opened on the four roommates fooling around in the kitchen (that's not an innuendo) and I was expecting everyone to get naked pretty much immediately, but instead we were given more depth and backstory for each of the characters. swordplay (just in case you were concerned because that isn’t your thing). This gets 2 Stars (which from me on erotica is pretty damn decent) because of the aforementioned contrived drama which led to the sex happening in the first place and then for the sexytimes themselves. uhhhhhh getting interested in my research project again something would happen to impede my progress. It had more plot than I was expecting from an erotica of only 97 pages.Prepare yourself for the sensational 18 year old teen babe getting a giant dick deep in her tight teen pussy. His third leg just about poked her in the eye as it popped out from the pants. Teen girl rubbed her eyes in amazement when she saw his massive cock. Of course this guy fulfilled her desire leaving her with a sperm bubbles on her cute smile and with a cum dripping down on the floor from her teen pussy.After seeing his big cock, her little pussy became wet at the same moment. He says: They say size doesn’t matter, but that’s just a lame cliché made up by losers with tiny peckers, man!They’ve already done a lot of surviving together, and now it’s time to thrive. I requested this because some jerk who shall remain nameless likes to do drive-by shootings on reviews, leaving links to titles like these in her wake. Okay, so it might really only be Tuesday, but for Andi it is most definitely HUMP DAAAAAAAAAAY (or week even). Occasionally (*cough* Ugly Love *cough*) things work out well . I also had to ignore the absolutely ridiculous and completely overplayed “girl almost gets raped and the only cure for what ails her is a massive amount of dong.” Dear Authors (especially women authors) – Using this trope is pretty much a dick move. Gals like me have a limited amount of free time as it is. It’s hard not to when you live with a dreamgirl like Andi . After the four of them spend the night together Andi realises how hard it's going to be to say goodbye and decides that it will be best if she goes immediately, before she can get anymore attached to the guys.


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